5 Tips to Stay Motivated in Learning Language

There are reasons to start learning languages, but everyone’s motivation sometimes runs out.
How to stay motivated when you feel like quitting?

Here are 5 tips that would help you get back on track with your language studies.

1. Travel to the country the language is spoken

When you are really in that country and see people speaking the language you are learning, you will feel that you want to communicate with them strongly.
You might not be able to speak too well, but this experience in real life will motivate yourself to study after going back home.

Moreover, during the travel, you will also discover their culture by food, people and walking around.
It will definitely inspire you to continue to learn their language.

2. Make new friends who speak that language

Hanging out with friends or chatting with them forces you to speak and write in that language.
It’s good chance to practice the language! Friends may also help you to teach the language or tell you about the country.
If you cannot find friends around your place, try to find online, by app…etc. There are many ways!

3. Switch the learning tool. Find something you have interest

When you are feeling burned out, just listening to music, watch movies, or read comics in that language would be helpful.
Put down the textbook, be relaxed and think what you are interested in. If you like cooking, find recipe in that language online.
If you use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, follow people who post in that language about something you like. In this way, you are still learning by just using your phone.

4. Don’t take demotivating tests

There are many language learning websites or applications which force you to answer the questions often.
Try these kind of quiz is a good way to check you progress.

However, keep answering questions stress your brain a lot. If it’s too tiring, you may hesitate to open that website or apps again. And if you take tests too early, the score will be low and it can discourage you from language learning.

So the timing is important. Take tests when you think you learned enough and ready to test.

5. Don’t stress yourself to see the result too soon

Language learning takes time.
You might have seen many books titles like “Learn French in 30 days”, but in general, it’s just a copy to sell them.
It’s normal to take many years to reach certain level.
The key is not to give up and stop learning. If you keep learning, your language skill will progress slowly, but surely.

Sometimes you may feel like you are not making any progress, but remember how much you have already learned.
The effort won’t betray you! So just take enough time to learn languages.


There are many ways to learn languages, but nothing will suit to everyone. Try many ways and find suitable one for you.
If you want to learn languages like playing a game, check LingoCards!

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