British English vs American English – 40 Differences in Basic Vocabulary and Spelling

Although UK English and US English are generally mutually intelligible, British and American spelling and vocabulary differ in many areas. 
Here you will find 40 examples of differences in vocabulary and spelling.


British American
lift elevator
underground subway
chips french fries
crisps potato chips
aubergine eggplant
courgette zucchini
cock rooster
waiter server
note bill
luggage baggage
parcel package
cooker stove
tap faucet
duvet comforter
hoover vacuum cleaner
rubber eraser
sellotape scotch tape
drawing pin thumb tack
trousers pants
football soccer
autumn fall
single one-way
return round-trip
petrol gas / gasoline
car park parking lot
bookshop bookstore
cinema movie theater
pavement sidewalk
zebra crossing crosswalk
garden yard
flat apartment
timetable schedule
queue line
aeroplane airplane
ladybird ladybug



British American
colour color
grey gray
yoghurt yogurt
centre center
travelling traveling


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