Difference between “Breath” and “Breathe”

Breath deeply or breathe deeply?

Take a deep breath or take a deep breathe?


Breath or Breathe?

It is a difference of one letter that makes a difference.

If you’re confusing on this, see the explanation below.


Breath is a noun that refers to the air, the one which is inhaled or exhaled air during breathing. Examples:

You can see your breath when it is cold outside.

A breath of fresh air.


Breathe is a verb. It is the process of inhaling (breathe in) and exhaling (breathe out). Examples:

When you breathe in, your body takes in oxygen from the air.

I am so scared that I can hardly breathe.



How to Pronounce?

Breath                   The “ea” is pronounced like in red, head

/’breθ/                    Ended with unvoiced “th”


Breathe                 The “ea” is pronounced like in breeze, real

/’bri:ð/                    Ended with holding out the vowel a little bit more



Useful Trick

Next time when you are debating whether breath or breathe, remember this useful trick:

There is an “e” in the word “verb”. With an additional “e” at the end of “breathe”, it is a verb.

On the contrary, there is no extra “e” in both “noun” and “breath”. Therefore, breath is a noun.


“Your breath is the air that you breathe

“On a cold day, you can see your breath when you breathe



How is it? Answer the questions at the top of this post!






Breathe deeply.

Take a deep breath.


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