Don’t use “until” or ‘till” unless you know the difference between them!

Even though we use English in a daily basis, the choice of word can still be annoying from day to day. Such as in what situation we should be using “good” or “well”, “complete” or “finish”. Today we will be discussing on “until” vs “till”!



“Until” is a preposition with the meaning of up to the point or time mentioned.

When we are saying “until the lecture ends”, we are mentioning the period between now to the time the lecture ends.



On the sharp contrast, “Till” has lots of meanings. It can be either a noun or a verb. But as we are discussing the usage of “until” vs “till”, we will only focus on its use as a shortened form of until.

“Till” is much older than “until” in terms of etymology. But! There is actually not much difference comparing with “until”. It just perceived as a less formal version of “until”.



All in all, using “until” or “till” is not the question. The question is how to use them naturally in the right context!

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