How to Say HELLO in 50 Languages? – Only One Word to Learn Before Traveling Abroad

Do you like traveling? Why? You want to explore new places, eat tasty food or have a relaxing time?
To have a good time in foreign countries, you should memorise only one phrase, “Hello” in local language.
It is a magic word which can make your whole trip experience totally different!

When I go foreign countries, I always check and memorize how to say “Hello” at least before arriving there. During the trip, in the restaurant, hotel, shop…wherever I go, I try to say “Hello” in their language. Then each time, people treat me better than just saying “Hello” in English.

If we try to talk their own language, they become happy even if they know English. This small effort show your respect to them and it can change your travel experience a lot. So it worth to learn this simplest greeting. Greeting is the basic, but most important thing for communication.

Here you will find how to say “Hello” in 50 languages.

Afrikaans Hallo
Albanian Përshëndetje.
Arabic مرحباً. (mrhbaan.)
Armenian Բարև ձեզ (Barev dzez)
Bengali নমস্কার। (namaskāra.)
Bosnian Zdravo.
Cantonese 你好 (nei5 hou2)
Catalan Hola.
Chinese (Simplified) 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)
Chinese (Traditional) 你好 (Nǐ hǎo: ㄋㄧˇ ㄏㄠˇ)
Croatian Bok.
Czech Ahoj.
Danish Goddag.
Dutch Hallo.
English (American) Hello.
English (British) Hello.
Esperanto Saluton.
Finnish Hei.
french Bonjour.
German Hallo.
Greek Γεια. (Geia.)
Haitian Creole Alo.
Hindi नमस्ते। (namaste.)
Hungarian Helló!
Icelandic Halló.
Indonesian Halo.
Italian Ciao.
Japanese こんにちは (konnichiwa )
Korean 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)
Latin Salve!
Latvian Sveicināti!
Macedonian Здраво. (Zdravo.)
Norwegian Hallo.
Polish Cześć.
Portuguese (Brazil) Olá.
Portuguese (Portugal) Olá.
Romanian Bună.
Russian Здравствуйте. (Zdravstvuyte.)
Serbian Zdravo.
Slovak Dobrý deň.
Spanish (Latin America) Hola.
Spanish (Spain) Hola.
Swahili Hujambo.
Swedish Hallå.
Taiwanese (MinNan) Lí-hó. (你好)
Tamil வணக்கம். (vaṇakkam.)
Thai สวัสดี (s̄wạs̄dī)
Turkish Merhaba.
Vietnamese Xin chào.
Welsh Helô.


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