Rise or Raise? Never mix them up!

Rise or Raise? Rise your hand or raise your hand? The sun rises or the sun raises? Are you 100% sure with your answer? Why not take one minute with LingoCards and never mix them up again!

Transitive verb and Intransitive verb

Let’s take a look at transitive verb and intransitive verb. In English, transitive verb is a verb that requires one or more objects, while intransitive verb does not. Easy, right? So then, Rise or Raise?

Rise or Raise?

“Raise” is a transitive verb which needs a object to follow. For example “John raises his hand”.

S + raise + object = CORRECT!

While the intransitive verb ”rise” does not requires a object. Therefore it is right to say “The stock price rises.”

S + rise = CORRECT!

Simple and Easy.

Quiz Time!

Which of the following sentences are correct?

  1. The sun rose from the east.
  2. Please raise your hand to answer the question.
  3. Mary risen her hand to draw attention.

Answer: 1 and 2

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