Stop saying “very”! Get rid of using the word “very” to describe everything!

Very hot, very cold, very expensive, very ugly. Yes! The magic word of “very” really applies to basically everything. But imagine:


“The weather is very hot and we are very hungry and very tired.”


When you keep hearing someone speaking or reading an article keep repeating “very, very, very, very…” it is really boring and drives audiences’ attention away. To get rid of such monotonous situation, you need to use better words that make your language sound richer and more like a native speaker.


Stop using “very”

Starting from now, when you want to use the word “very”, try to use the word in the table below accordingly.

When you want to describe… Try to use…
Very rude Vulgar
Very short Brief
Very boring Dull
Very good Superb
Very hot Scalding
Very cold Freezing
Very hungry Ravenous
Very slow Sluggish
Very fast Rapid
Very tired Exhausted
Very poor Destitute
Very rich Wealthy


Stop using very and use smarter words!

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