The Importance of Vocabulary in Learning Language

Have you heard how important to learn vocabulary in learning foreign language?
We always want to learn new language efficiently. Especially when you just start to learn as a beginner, it sounds a long way to be able to talk with native fluently.
To learn it more easily, the key is to know the importance of learning vocabulary. Understanding the importance and the way of learning vocabulary can help you to learn language much faster.


1. Vocabulary makes you can communicate with people!

If you know useful words and expressions, you can communicate in that language even if you don’t know much grammar. However, if you don’t know the vocabulary, you cannot communicate at all.

One time, I bought a grammar book and tried to learn French by myself. After reading all pages for beginner’s part, I didn’t feel that I can tell something simple in French.
Why? There were example sentences to explain grammar, but I couldn’t get it well because I didn’t know the meaning of many words in the sentence.

Another time, I tried to learn only the name of colors, animals and fruits in Cantonese. After that, I could communicate and play with children without problem in Hong Kong.

Learning vocabulary helps you to understand and communicate with native easily.


2. Vocabulary knowledge helps to improve other skills!

Although knowing vocabulary makes you able to have minimum communication, it’s not enough. Listening, speaking, reading, writing…. etc. There are many skills to be improved. Good news! If you know more vocabulary, it makes easer to improve all these skills!


3. Learn vocabulary efficiently by apps!

So what is the best way to learn vocabulary?
Using vocabulary book is the traditional way. Watching TV or reading story books would be good option for intermediate and advanced level people.

What about beginners?
I strongly recommend to learn by our app. It would be much more efficient than all other ways in this level.
You can learn vocabulary by using many parts of the body. Look at the image, listen to the sound, read the words, and speak it out! Repeat to learn as many time as you want and check your progress by quiz mode. This simple method strength your memory the most.
Furthermore, we selected vocabulary which will be useful for beginners.


4. Recap

– Learning vocabulary is the key to improve language skills.
– Use the app to learn vocabulary easily!

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