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Polite Form in Japanese 0

Lesson 21. Polite Form in Japanese

We all know that Japan is well known for its politeness. Japanese bow to say hello, thank you, and even goodbye. As for the languages, there are several levels of politeness: the plain form,...

Come vs Go in Chinese 4

Lesson 18. Directions: Come vs Go in Chinese

Do you think that ‘come in’ and ‘go in’ have the same meaning? While both phrases are the synonym to the word ‘enter’, they are actually being used in different ways! If you are...

Superlative in Japanese 0

Lesson 15. How to Express Superlative in Japanese

Just like comparative degree, there is no superlative degree form in Japanese. ‘The most’ for comparing three or more objects is commonly stated by 一番 (ichiban) or 最も (mottomo). Read: Comparative Degree – How to...