Everyday vs Every Day! When to use Everyday? When to use Every Day?

There are lots of things that we do every day. Everyday we sleep, we walk, we speak. But when you are working on anything with English, have you ever wondered when to use “Everyday” and when to use “Every Day”?


Grammatically, “Everyday” is an adjective meaning daily, while “Every Day” is an adverb with the meaning of daily and regularly.

Adjective is a word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical, while adverb describes actions.


So, when you are describing a noun, use “Everyday”. When you are describing an object? “Every Day”!


Quiz Time!

Which of the followings are the correct usage of “Everyday” and “Every Day”?

  1. Every day I go jogging.
  2. His dog runs into my house everyday
  3. I listen to French songs every day.

Answer: only (3)

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