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5 Tips to Stay Motivated in Learning Language

5 Tips to Stay Motivated in Learning Language

There are reasons to start learning languages, but everyone’s motivation sometimes runs out. How to stay motivated when you feel like quitting? Here are 5 tips that would help you get back on track with your language studies. 1. Travel to the country the language is spoken When you are really in that country and see people speaking the language you are learning, you will […]

Rise or Raise? Never mix them up!

Rise or Raise? Rise your hand or raise your hand? The sun rises or the sun raises? Are you 100% sure with your answer? Why not take one minute with LingoCards and never mix them up again!    Transitive verb and Intransitive verb Let’s take a look at transitive verb and intransitive verb. In English, transitive verb is a verb that requires one or more […]

Color names in different languages

Color names in different languages

Don’t you think the colour of carrot is orange from eye to eye? Cucumbers are all green instead of blue? Believe it or not, colour names can be different in various languages. Numbers of basic colour categories In English, there are 11 basic colour categories* (red, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue,  purple, pink, black, gray, and white). But in Russian and Greek, they have 13 with […]

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