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Japanese Counters, Counters in Japanese

Top 5 Japanese Counters You Must Know!

In English, we can count the object directly in [number + object], as in the following: an apple, two bags, three umbrellas, and so on.   Japanese Counters Well… The counting method above doesn’t...

English numbers, number in English, one, two, three, numbers

English Numbers: The Complete Guide (Up to 10^100)

After learning numbers in Chinese, French, and Japanese, you will learn about English numbers today! In fact, English numbers are easy yet tricky. Let’s get started!   Cardinal Numbers vs Ordinal Numbers We use...

Japanese Numbers, Nihon no Sūji, 日本の数字

Japanese Numbers: The Complete Guide (Up to 10^68)

  Japanese has two systems of numbers: the native Japanese numbers and the Chinese origin numbers. Native Japanese and Sino-Japanese Numbers The native Japanese numbers can count almost everything except people, other living things, time,...